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    Vote for your favourite SAIT student innovation!

    Each year, SAIT students complete applied research projects as part of their capstone courses. SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) brings these future entrepreneurs and innovators together for the annual Student Project Showcase, where student projects are reviewed by a panel of judges to determine the winner.

    Update: Congratulations to the 2017 Student Innovation Award winners:

    • Ketbe Restaurant - Food For the Soul, Social Enterprise
      BBA Accounting
      Students: Yekaterina Giyasova, Victoria Gabura, Braeden Wood, Eric Fongern
    • North Glemore Park/Weaselhead Flats Interpretive Centre
      Architectural Technology
      Students: Mackenzie Garvin, Leon Tsui, Stuart Merrett


    The undersigned SAIT student (the “Participant”), in consideration for being nominated by an instructor or Academic Chair of The Board of Governors of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (“SAIT”) to participate in the Student Project On-line Showcase (“Showcase”), hereby agrees to, acknowledges and accepts the following:

    1.             Participation in the Showcase requires that the Participant submits to SAIT on or by June 2, 2017, by Dropbox or external drive, a three (3) minute video highlighting his or her project or work involving applied research and entrepreneurship skills (the “Video”).  The video shall be in such format and image size as SAIT advises.

    2.             The Video shall be displayed on the SAIT Facebook page from June 6 to July 21, 2017 inclusive.

    3.             Upon submitting the Video to SAIT for display on its Facebook page, Participant shall assign and transfer to SAIT all rights to display, use, reuse, publish and/or reproduce all or parts of the Video and its contents for the purpose of or related to the Showcase, provided all proprietary and intellectual property rights in the Video and its contents remain vested in Participant.  Participant confirms to SAIT that he/she has absolute the right and authority (including pursuant to any required third party consents) to submit the Video to SAIT and authorizes SAIT to use and display the Video as set forth herein.

    4.             By submitting the Video to SAIT, Participant acknowledges and confirms that:

    (a)           he/she shall not post or display the Video on any other social media or other platform without SAIT’s prior written consent; and

    (b)           he or she has received any necessary consent to submission of the Video to SAIT upon the terms set out herein from his or her “industry partner”.

    5.             SAIT shall not accept or display the Video if SAIT determines, at its sole discretion, that the Video contains any illegal, offensive, sexually explicit, violent or disparaging content or otherwise brings into disrepute or detrimentally affects SAIT, its standards or reputation.

    6.             Evaluation of the Video for the purpose of the award by SAIT of Showcase Student Innovation award(s) on June 26, 2017 shall be based:

    (a)           as to 25%, on the number of Facebook online “likes”; and

    (b)           as to 75%, on assessment by a panel of evaluators appointed by SAIT.

    7.             Any depiction in the Video of an identifiable individual requires written consent of that individual to be obtained by Participant and disclosed by Participant to SAIT upon its request.

    8.             Participant confirms that in the event his/her Video infringes the proprietary/intellectual property rights of a third party, he or she shall be exclusively responsible for such infringement and, upon discovering such infringement, he or she shall notify SAIT immediately.  Participant releases SAIT, its governors, officers, employees, agents, consultants and other students from any claims, losses, damages and costs arising from the display or use by SAIT of the Video as anticipated herein, including in the event of any blurring or distortion arising in the course of processing or displaying the Video.

    9.             Announcement by SAIT of the winner(s) of the Showcase Student Innovation Award(s) shall be made by SAIT on its Facebook page, the SAIT-ARIS blog, the ARIS Twitter account and SAITView.

    10.          The Participant confirms that in order to participate in the Showcase, he or she must be at least 18 years of age.

    11.          The Participant has read and understands this Acknowledgement and Agreement.